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Complete the form to refer an Older Neighbour if they meet the referral criteria for a b:friend volunteer

  • Aged 65 and over
  • Living on their own
  • Living in a safe and clean home, free of clutter and hazards
  • Please note that we are unable to support older neighbours with a health diagnosis that would require specialist care (e.g. those living with dementia, learning disabilities or severe mental health difficulties)

(We may contact you if we need more information about this person.)

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We are able to support people aged 65+, living alone that do not need specialist care support.

Protecting our volunteers:
Note that all volunteers are ordinary members of the public with no medical or social care training. Are you aware of any information that could put our volunteers at risk?

Note: We may be able to offer telephone befriending if the house is unsuitable for home visits.

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Let’s end loneliness together.

Let’s b:friend.

Let’s end loneliness together.

Let’s b:friend.